Shipping Information

Shipping information.

Please note that all prices shown are without import duties, customs and VAT (VSK) and can those be applied at destination, depending on countries.

Normally we ship within one working day, unless otherwise stated on product description sheet. Weekends and major holidays are not included in shipping time.

Shipping options.

We offer four types of shipping options

    1. Products up to 500 gr, standard air post (unregistered)

    2. Air Parcel (registered)

    3. Express shipping (TNT or DHL) (registered)

    4. Big Parcel shipping (registered) optional on bigger goods (special request)

Shipping time (days) type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4
Europe 2-5 2-5 1-3 1-4 weeks
North America 15-30 4-15 2-3 8-12 weeks
Central/South America 15-30 4-15 2-5 8-12 weeks
Asia / Middle East 15-30 4-15 2-5 8-12 weeks
Oceania 15-30 4-15 2-5 8-12 weeks

Shipping options are offered with each product in the Checkout Basket.

Other details.

If products where damaged during shipping, please leave them in the original packing and contact us.

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