Artic Tea

Artic Blend Tea

Size 20gr

Arctic thyme (Thymus praecox) and Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica) are widely known medicinal herbs in Iceland and are used to make tasty/flavourful health teas and infusions. They are considered strengthening, nourishing and generally health-improving. Arctic thyme is believed to clear mucus from the air passages and is thus considered a useful remedy for colds. It is also considered fortifying for the heart and calming for the stomach and the digestive system. Arctic thyme has also been considered effective against hangovers. Icelandic moss has been used here for centuries as a nutritional supplement. It is nourishing and contains 40-70% carbo-hydrates. It is a traditional remedy for colds and dry cough, intestinal disorders, constipation and lack of appetite. Let the tea steep for 6 min, preferably with a lid on.

Urta TEP14

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