Bilberry Tea 100%

Bilberry Tea -100% Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

Size 30 gr.

Our Bilberry Tea contains dried, pulverised Icelandic bilberries/blueberries.

The blue colour of the berries derives from the anti-oxidant anthocyanin, which is believed to be effective against inflammations and free radicals and also to strengthen blood vessel walls and capillaries, thus improving eyesight and reducing cholesterol. Research has shown that daily con-sumption of bilberries increases attention, concentration, and combats long-term memory loss. The recommended daily consumption is half to one cup of fresh berries or 3-6 grammes of dried berries (each teabag contains 3 g of dried berries). The tea has a strong flavour and is naturally sweet, so it is an excellent way to consume blueberries daily when there are no fresh berries to be had. Like Icelandic herbs, Icelandic berries are said to be more concen-trated than similar herbs and berries in many other countries, due to their short and intensive growth period.

Verð: $17.80


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