Birkir Snaps 50 CL

The uniqueness of Icelandic birch

The birch we use in our flavouring we take from the unspoiled Icelandic wilderness. The trees were planted at the roots of Haukafell mountain next to Vatnajökull glacier in the 1960’s as a part of a soil reclamation program. We use the trimmings that are cut off to make the forest sustainable.

Icelanders have used birch remedies for various reasons. Ever since farmer Alexander Bjarnason wrote about the fortifying, purifying and appetizing properties of birch in 1860, Icelanders have continued to praise its many qualities, such as its rejuvenating and invigorating benefits for the skin, hair and even the libido! How about that!

Much like the Icelandic people, the birch tree is unique in its ability to adapt to and prosper in rough weather and climates.

Serving suggestions:

Enjoy Birkir
- chilled in a shot glass
- on the rocks
- with your favourite meal
- after dinner in a cognac glass with coffee

Please note due to heavy weight, transport cost can be high (air and express), please check with us for quotation on sea transport, which is more economical (but takes longer time).

Verð: $38.00


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