Rhubarb box

Your ideal Icelandic gift box with unique rhubarb products like liqueur, jam, salt and the new Black Lava crackers.

  • Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) is a perennial plant with long, crisp, fleshy and glossy stalks.
    The leaves are large and triangular shaped. Harvesting begins in June, with the option of a second harvest in late August. 200 ml
  • Traditional Rhubarb Jam. Ingredients: Rhubarb and sugar (200 ml)
  • Rhubarb Angelica Salt. Ingredients: Sea salt from Nordur&Co marinated in organic Rhubarb sap, Angelica leaf and seed and dry organic Rhubarb and Black Currant. (100 gr)
    The tart taste of rhubarb and the sweet bitter taste of Angelica goes well on various dishes, though especially good on fish dishes.
  • Black Lava crackers. Ingredients: Icelandic barley from Thorvaldseyri, Icelandic water, Icelandic unsalted butter, Birch syrup, activated charcoal 1%, Seasalt from Icelandic Nordur and Co, Bicarbonate, E223. (200 gr)

Verð: $41.00


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